“A wise man is not a man who never makes mistakes – a wise man is a man who never makes the same mistake twice.”
Sir Winston Churchill


Experience is to learn from mistakes but also from successes. The practical experience cannot be studied. It has to be reached by hard work and over time. We have been collecting our knowledge and experience over 10 years, in designing, building and running successful boat-building and tourist business.
It’s now available for your benefit!


Quality is of essential importance
to us. In a small niche market,
only the best and most reliable
suppliers will succeed.


Safety cannot be compromised in Tourism business. We know the requirements and We don’t compromise in any circumstances!!


Environment is of our greatest concern. We, in the Agena marin, take great care of protecting the environment for future generations!


We provide You with a turnkey
solution – Let’s make Your
dreams come true.